Week 17

It has been a slow reading week for me, just plugging along with the books that have been on my currently reading list.  I am really starting to get into Pillars of the Earth. It was slow going at first, but I am glad I am sticking with it.

I have a ton of new books piling up that I need to get into.  I can’t seem to say no and skip my book of the month subscriptions for a month or two despite the stacks building up of unread books.

My Current Reads:

  • The World According to Garp : John Irving (audiobook)
  • Anna Karenina : Leo Tolstoy  (audiobook)
  • The Stone of Farewell : Tad Williams (audiobook)
  • A Storm of Swords : George R. R. Martin (audiobook)
  • Ready Player One : Ernest Cline (hardcover)
  • Pillars of the Earth : Ken Follett (audiobook)
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : J. K. Rowling  (audiobook)

What are you reading?

28/52 – 52 Book Challenge
1/12 – Back to the Classics
1/16 – Dystopia Reading Challenge
4/12 – Flights of Fantasy
1/5 – European Reading Challenge
63/1001 – 1001 Books to Read


One thought on “Week 17

  1. Glad to hear “Pillars of the Earth” may be worth it. A friend passed her copy along to me, along with an “I hated it, but maybe you’ll like it…” review. Needless to say, I haven’t been motivated to read the book.


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